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Vehicle Ventilation

BOOTLOCK™ Car van Ventilation Vent Lock Car Van Secure

BOOTLOCK™ Car van Ventilation Vent Lock Car Van Secure
BOOTLOCK™ Car van Ventilation Vent Lock Car Van Secure
BOOTLOCK™ Car van Ventilation Vent Lock Car Van Secure
BOOTLOCK™ Car van Ventilation Vent Lock Car Van Secure
BOOTLOCK™ Car van Ventilation Vent Lock Car Van Secure
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BOOTLOCK™ Car van Ventilation Vent Lock Car Van Secure

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✔️Available in various sizes ✔️Create secure airflow for your dog ✔️Great Bootlock™ quality ✔️Fits most vehicles except Renault ✔️A tool no dog vehicle should be without ✔️As used by security / police forces

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The bootlock is a perfect solution to allow air flow in your vehicle for those times you need to leave you dog in their cage in your vehicle. A simple yet effective design allows you to leave the tailgate or barn doors of your vehicle whether it be a van or car open a crack whilst still locked allowing essntial air flow to keep your internal temperature down.

A tool no dog vehicle should be without!

This works on most vehicles  as mentioned and can be seen in the photos both cars and vans with tail gates or barn doors. These will NOT fit renault vehicles and do sometimes struggle to lock on vehicles with mutliple sensors that sense the door open a little and dont allow locking. However this is not normally a problem we use the bootlock on our VW tranpsort , caddy and transit custom regularily to allow air flow for the dogs. 

We have three sizes that the Bootlock™ 
It comes in approx 4 , 6 and 9 inch this is measured to the nearest inch from the bar bottom to the end of the loop (not including the threaded hook).

A common question asked is which size should I choose? I am greedy and have all three sizes however this is so I can use the Bootlock™ that will be most effective for the situation I am in. For example the 4 inch is perfect when it is bucketing it down but warm so therefore allows air flow into the vehicle without allowing in too much wet. The 6 inch and the 9 inch I use to my own judgement dependant on the area I am parked or wether there are a lot of people around that are known or unkown. We have lockable cages in the vehicle however if somehwere public and we ned to use the Bootlock™ I would choose the 6 inch as it just allows that little bit less access. 
However if I were to say be at a show where most of the faces there I am familiar with I would use the bigger 9 inch for that bit more airflow. I hope this gives you a little more of an idea or help in choosing in your bootlock size. 


4 inch (950mm)

6 inch (1700mm)

9 inch (2450mm)

Instructions: Unthread the bottom looped bar until near the end then placed this around the fixed bar mechanism on your boot / rear doors. Onced the hook is placed over the fixed bar of the boot mechanism tighten the bootlock clockwise until the bootlock will no longer unhook from the fixed bar. Now with the top of the Bootlock™ the second part of your rear door / boot mechanism will close over this and shut around it most vehicles this will click twice. Now you can lock you vehicle and your door should not open until unlocked an dleave a nice gap for ventilation. To open your door just reverse this process.

Please note Bootlock™ is a registered trademark.

The safety and security of your dog and vehicle is down to the owner and their judgement please always ensure dogs are not left in a vehicle to overheat and have acces to water at all times.
Bootlock™ is NOT to be used when the vehicle moves .
Remember to remove the bootlock you need to unlock and use any handles you would normally

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Ventilation lock for van tailgate

Easy to fit and seems robust

Rob | Wrexham | April 2022