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Dicky Bag

Dicky Bags if you haven't come across them yet you are in for a treat firstly though one of the other reason we love Dicky Bags is not just the awesome bags but the people behind them too! 

Dicky Bags are a small family who have innovated through their own need and use of this product meaning it has a real purpose and made with passion. From living a busy London life the owners of Dicky bag decided to up and move to cornwall and live a more family centred life with their children this also included getting a family dog too. 

As Doggy owners ourselves you would not change it for the world but as we all know lots of poop also comes with owning a dog. As responsible owners we always pick the left behinds of our best friends up when out on a walk however you are then faced with the conundrum of holding the poo or placing in a dedicated bin which always seem fee and far between. 

'I realised this wasn’t a problem only I suffered, when one day sitting in car after walking my dog I saw 4 other people go through the almost identical ritual I had done 1 hour earlier.' 

This alone is bad enough but add in to the equation a small child and a dog that likes to chase a ball; you have entered dog walking hell! Do you:

  1. hold the poo in the same hand as you hold the small child’s hand or
  2. hold the poo in the hand you throw the ball with running the risk of a poo spillage (don’t even think about it).

No dog poop!

This is when I thought there must be something out there that can solve my problem, but after much searching by my husband and me we found nothing. I wanted a lightweight, soft but fairly rigid receptacle that would mean I could carry the poo I had so conscientiously picked up and be able to continue my walk with both hands free. Welcome to Dog walking heaven, and welcome to the Dicky Bag.

Although my husband, Barry, and i had had successful careers in London, Barry as an advertising account director at top advertising agencies such as Bartle Bogle and Hegarty and myself as an theatrical agent and later running my own dance school and theatre school, neither of us had the knowledge or expertise to manufacture a product.

Living in Newquay, the surf capital, and being surrounded be wetsuit shops our first thought was to use neoprene. It’s lightweight, semi rigid and the rubber can form an airtight seal. So we sought advice and took our ideas to a local neoprene factory and were greeted with a sideways glance and a chuckle. They thought we had lost our marbles. Never-the-less they came up with a prototype and although some small changes have been made even from day 1 we have appreciated the qualities of the bag and all our doubters have been made to think about the problem that exists either from personal experience or from talking to friends and agree that the Dicky Bag is amazing and will be incredibly successful. People that new we were developing the bag have been nagging us waiting for the first delivery.

Rosie the dog

Dicky Bag have chosen some lovely fabrics, it’s amazing the variety of neoprene you can get, so the dicky bag can be a fashion statement as much as a practical solution. Friends that don’t have dogs still want to buy one because they look so good!

We’ve been using the bag for 18 months now and it is inconceivable to us to take the dogs for a walk with out the Dicky Bag. Because of the clever storage system in the lid we know we always have clean bags no matter how many poos we have to clear up. We also choose to store the dog’s ball in the bag so it’s just pick up the lead and bag and off you go (not forgetting the dog of course!).

Poo is no longer an issue for our family. Even the kids think it’s cool to carry the dicky bag. The Camouflage bag proved to be a particular hit for our boys. Now I’m not going to be as silly as to suggest that our kids volunteer to pick up the poo but when they take the dog out on there own because the deed is over and done with quickly and the evidence is hidden away in a cool looking device they don’t object. They are growing up to be responsible people.

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