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Good Boy

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Good Boy is all about you and your dog. Making sure you and your furry pals are happy is at the top of our priority list - starting with the tastiest treats or the coolest toys. And secondly, the GREAT news, Good Boy are not planning on stopping anytime soon! More dog treats, toys and food are in the pupline, more than you can shake a stick at 

Quality is Key

At Good Boy the motto is that "If your dog is healthy and happy, so are we!" they strive to provide the best tasting treats and most exciting toys in the market, but most importantly they are of super-duper quality! Even all those superhero doggies out there eat and play with them… To help Good Boy have vast swathes of people with very serious job titles whose sole purpose in life is ensuing their quality does not fail you or your poochy pals. This ensures Good Boy have greater control over the products we manufacture and ultimately your pups enjoy!

Buckets Full of Fun

Good Boy think there is far too much 'seriousness' in the world of dog. So, we have broken it down for you… added a spoonful of excitement, a whole lotta' deliciousness and, most-importantly, a bucket full of fun to give you a recipe your dog is sure to love! We aim to put a smile on your face with heaps of fun and new 'stuff' to keep your dogs' tail wagging until kingdom come! We know that if they're happy you are too, and while our mission is to make safe toys and create treats as healthy as they can be, what's the point if you can't have a little fun along the way!?