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HundEnergy™ was a concept created whilst Sarah and her Hungarian Vizsla, Pacha were travelling across Europe in a little caravan.

The lifestyle they led with Pacha over Summer 2019, was the inspiration behind the HundEnergy™ brand.

The trip involved many long car journeys, hikes and general outings where they didn’t have access to usual shops and pet stores.

Whilst Sarah could stock up on nutritional snacks designed for on-the-go energy, there was very little in the market for dogs to get the same. The HundEnergy™ concept was formed.

A lot of current snacks and treats are designed for training, meaning they are highly desirable to the dog, but contain little nutritional value.

We have created our HundEnergy™ Bar, an energy bar for dogs, that is not only full of all the right stuff to keep your dog energised, but is made using 100% natural ingredients.

Paws to Roam.
HundEnergy™ is a lifestyle brand committed to ensuring your dog gets the nutrition it needs, in the right place at the right time, leaving you to focus on finding those hidden gems of the earth.

HundEnergy Paws to Roam ethos is all about remembering to prioritise these moments, and reconnect yourself and your dog with nature.