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Kronch Pemmikan High Energy Dog Bar Treat Ideal for Working Dogs

Kronch Pemmikan High Energy Dog Bar Treat  Ideal for Working Dogs

Kronch Pemmikan High Energy Dog Bar Treat Ideal for Working Dogs

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Kronch Pemmikan 

High Energy Bar

A high energy supplementary feed, Kronch Pemmikan is comprised of the essential levels of fat, protein and glucose to provide almost instant usable energy in dogs.

Ideal for the high energy of flyball , agility  beating also perfect for a weaning bitch 

Pemmikan is an energy feed block, which contails approx. 6000 Kcal/Kg. Pemmikan makes it possible to give your working dog a needed energy boost just before a demanding task without overfilling the dogs stomach.

Pemmikan was specialy formulated for working dogs such as gundogs, sledge dogs and working police dogs. It is now used world wide for trialing and gun dogs dogs too.

The maximum daily ration needed is 100 to 200 grams depending on the size of the dog and its activity. If the dog is full of Energy, it keeps out the adverse effects of the cold and heat which helps keep its performance constant throughout the day. As a plus, it is far more attentive.

Pemmikan reduces the stress dogs encounter in dog shows and other similar situations, such as long waiting periods. It also makes the handling of the dog easier.

The effect of Pemmikan sets in after approximately 30 minutes and it reaches its full effect after approx. one hour. Because of this, it may be advantageous to split the daily ration into several small portions to keep a constant performance.

It is also an excellent product for feeding undeweight dogs without over filling the stomach.

The bar is divided into eight 50gm squares similar to a bar of chocolate for ease of field feeding.

Gundogs both beating and picking up should be given no more than two squares during the day and this will give them the feed, energy and warmth required to last throughout.
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Energy Bar For Dogs

Brilliant energy source for working or energetic dogs. Our Viszla runs miles with us cycling or hacking in the woods orclimbing Munros. These give her the boost she needs when tiring.

IanH | Moray | August 2022

Energy booster

Good for working dogs, as an energy booster

PM | Devon | January 2023

Great energy booster

Keeps my dog Monty full of energy on our long mountain hikes. I drip feed him half a cube every hour and he is still full of energy at the end of long 8 hr hikes. Brilliant product!

Phil Jackson | Snowdonia | March 2024