Paws Poppin XS Holee Faux - SBM Web, Lightweight, Various Lengths


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The Smallest ever cage ball we have sourced measuring just 4cm Diameter! 
Being the smallest cage ball we have managed to source combined with Faux fur and Small BUT Mighty Webbing this creates a super lightweight toy that moves and entices your dog to play.

Available in 3 different lengths: Poppin, Standard, Extra Long
This has been designed with the influence of our brand ambassadors Louise Challis & Alan Bray being available in the 3 different sizes this means there is one toy easily accessible in your pocket at all times the 'Poppin'. Then there is the Standard length and the extra long length depending which is preferred by your dog giving the trainer a slightly longer version to reward your dog at those key times but with a toy similar of your own in your pocket!

​​​​​​Cage Ball 4cm Diameter
Faux Area 8x3cm
Total Length 26cm
Cage Ball 4cm Diameter
Faux Area 12x3cm
Total Length  45cm
Extra Long
Cage Ball 4cm Diameter
Faux Area 18x4cm
Total Length 118cm

Please note sizes may vary slightly and that these are only approximate measurements

There is a selection of colours to choose from which can also be seen in the 3rd photo

Please do not leave your dogs unattended with any of the Paws Made toys as these are all designed to be interactive toys between you and your dog. 

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