PetSafe Positive Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer (Manners Minder)

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PetSafe Premier Postive Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer
Product Description

PetSafe Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer is a remote-controlled treat system that uses positive reinforcement for training dogs when they behave well at home.

The Electronic tool teaches calm behavior in distracting situations like visitors at the door, the family dinner table or left alone in a crate;

Teaches dogs to focus on you with engaging, interactive games that provide exercise and mental stimulation

Teach dogs at a distance to perform almost any behavior, from everyday skills (such as potty training) to specialized skills (such as agility, obedience, service and military work).

  •     Trains your dogs behavior through positive reinforcement
  •     Links a food rewarded to desired good behavior
  •     Extendable target wand can be used with our without the base
  •     Hand-held remote operates up to 30 meters away
  •     Remote reward dog trainer for pet owners and professional dog trainers
  •     All breeds and ages of dogs
Battery include for remote however no batteries are included for the main machine which requires 4 D Batteries 

  • Does the Treat & Train™ work without me?

    You will need to work with your dog while using the Treat & Train™.  Immediate reward for positive behaviour is crucial to the training process.

  • Are replacement parts available?

    Replacement targets and remotes are available for purchase through PetSafe Treat & Train™ Customer Care Centre.

  • Can I train multiple dogs at once with the Treat & Train™?

    For multi-dog households, we recommend training one dog at a time.

  • Can the system interfere with radio and/or television reception?

    In certain situations, it might be possible for the Treat & Train™ to cause limited interference. If you’re experiencing any sort of signal interference while using your Treat & Train, please try the following steps:

    • Change the channel setting of your Treat & Train™.
    • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna of your radio or television.
    • Move the Treat & Train™ away from the radio or television.
    • Refer to the user guide for your radio or television for additional assistance in reducing interference 
  • Can this be used for cats/other animals?

    The Treat & Train™ Remote Reward Dog Trainer has only been tested for use with dogs. Because different species learn in different ways, you may wish to consult with a qualified professional animal behaviourist for further assistance with pets other than dogs.

  • Does the dog wear a training collar?

    No, there is not a collar is used with this training tool.

  • Does the Treat & Train™ come with a warranty?

    Yes, the Treat & Train™ does come with a product warranty.

  • How does the Treat & Train™ know to dispense the treats?

    You control when treats are dispensed by pressing a button on the hand-held remote.

  • How does the Treat & Train™ work?

    The system works by rewarding desired behaviours and redirecting your dog’s focus away from actions such as barking, jumping or begging. The system can also be used to train your dog to obey commands such as down/stay, coming when called and agility skills such as contacts, place and go-outs.

  • How much training/time does this take?

    Every dog is different in how they learn. Some dogs will quickly take to training while others require more patience. Most people are able to train their dog in just a few weeks.

  • How old does my dog have to be to use the Treat & Train™?

    Puppies can start training with the Treat & Train™ as soon as they are fully weaned from their mothers and can eat dry kibble.

  • Is the Treat & Train™ waterproof?

    No. The Treat & Train™ should not be left outdoors after training or submersed in pools, lakes or other bodies of water.

  • My system doesn’t seem to be working properly. What can I do before calling Customer Care?

    Check the batteries. Ensure that the four 4 D-cell alkaline batteries in the base and the one (1) 12v alkaline battery (23A) in the hand-held remote are charged. Try different batteries from another package. Check that the remote and base are on the same channel settings. Test your kibble/treats to see that it freely passes through the disk opening. If using semi-moist treats, try using a dry treat or kibble.

  • My Treat & Train™ is not dispensing treats. What should I check?

    Check that the food bin within the treat dispenser has at least one cup of kibble/treats. The unit will not function properly without enough kibble.

    Make sure the kibble disc used with your treat and train is the appropriate size. If the kibble or treats will not fit through the disc holes, treats cannot be dispensed.

    If using semi-moist treats, try a dry treat or kibble. Some semi-most treats could be too moist and stick to each other which prevents to food disc from delivering a treat reliably.

  • Can this be used outdoors?

    Yes, the Treat & Train™ is portable and can be used in gardens, parks or other outdoor areas where you wish to work on your dog’s training.

  • How hard is it to set up?

    Set up is very easy! Simply insert batteries into the base and remote, select the channel of operation, find and insert the disc that fits the kibble you’ll be using and load the food bin with 200ml - 500ml of treats or food. The control panel has advanced settings you won’t need until later in down/stay training. Be sure to review the set up steps in the quick start guide before using your Treat & Train™.

  • Is the training collar waterproof?


  • My dog might paw the food dispenser. Will that be a problem?

    The Treat & Train™ is fairly rugged and can withstand moderate amounts of pawing and nudging. When using the Treat & Train™, you will specifically reward your dog when he is standing with all four feet on the floor and avoid rewarding him for pawing the food dispenser. As a result, all dogs being formally trained with the Treat & Train™ learn to receive treats without pawing the machine. Dogs not yet trained, however, may try to open the food dispenser. As long as the behaviour of pawing or nudging the machine is not rewarded, this behaviour will eventually disappear.

  • What if I have questions not found here or in the manual?

    Call or email our Customer Care Centre! Our product experts are happy to assist you and your dog with any questions or concerns you may have with your Treat & Train™.

  • What is the Treat & Train™ Remote Reward Dog Trainer?

    The Treat & Train™ is a scientifically proven approach to training dogs based on positive reinforcement. Using this unique remote-controlled reward system, dogs learn to behave at home or perform better in competition. 

  • What kind of batteries does the Treat & Train™ take and how long do they last?

    The base uses 4 D-cell alkaline batteries (not included). The remote uses one (1) 12v alkaline battery (23A) (included with your unit). Battery life will vary depending many factors, but the batteries will typically last about 6 months.

  • What kind of treats can be used with it?

    The Treat & Train™ requires dry dog food, dry treats or semi-moist treats that fit through the food disc holes on either the large or small-sized kibble disc. Round or oval-shaped treats or food of a uniform size work best.

For Extra information or online manuals please visit https://intl.petsafe.net/en-gb/support/treat-train-remote-reward-dog-trainer
0800 046 1414 - Customer care line 

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