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Introducing Sagewash Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Systems 
Sagewash can be used everywhere that is washable and literally ‘’ Turns Water into Magic’’

The Sagewash Sanitizer presents a balance between simplicity and sophistication in continuous flow disinfection that has resulted in immediate acceptance by a varied group of users operating a broad range of industrial, public and private sectors, including; Food Service & Hospitality, Restaurants, Agriculture, Leisure and in the Animal Care sector including Equine Livery, Rescue, Kennels, Catteries and Boarding market segments 

Sagewash is a hand held spray gun that produces a constant flow of sanitizing Hypochlorus Acid. It has a screw on, centrally mounted cylindrical container that holds a solid capsule of Calcium Hypochlorite. When a water supply from a standard 15mm hosepipe is attached, the water fills the container, wets the capsule and the dilution is fed to the patented venture which produces an accurate mixture 

The sanitized area can be occupied immediately after cleansing without a further wash 

Almost PH neutral, non corrosive, 100% biodegradable but remains highly effective 

Sagewash Sanitizer utilises a dual patented process of the Sagewash Hydro Venturi System and dedicated Jacketed Calcium Hypochlorite tablets which together provide the most cost effective Sanitizing & Disinfecting solution available 

Sagewash can be used everywhere that is washable - Sagewash literally 'Turns Water into Magic' 

Can be purchsed directly through Have A Dog Day or from oursevles
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