The Retrieving Roll Retrieval Gun Dog Puppy Dummy Training Canvas Treat Fetch Roll

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The NEW Lez Graham Retrieving Roll  is a wonderful way to introduce canvas at a young age.

As the puppy matures and goes onto larger and more unusual dummies, the Retrieving Roll can act as a transitional aid to give your dog confidence as he moves into more ‘grown up’ training by simply wrapping the Retrieving Roll around the new or ‘scary’ item.

As a remedial aid, the Retrieving Roll should be part of every gundog trainer’s kit. Tucked away is a little pouch where you can hide a treat; the reluctant retrievers learn really quickly that the only way they can get the treat is to return the Retrieving Roll to you. As the dog gets more proficient in returning the dummy then delivery to hand can be insisted upon before the treat is forthcoming.

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