Trixie Rattling Tin With Magnet Dog Training Aid Noise Sound Rattle Distinctive

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This is a dog training aid which consists of a strap which attaches to a dog belt or lead contained inside the red bag are metal balls which when attached to the strap are held in place with a magnet when pulled off the strap they make a rattling sound to help with getting your dogs attention in training. This is a very useful method as it is a unique sound that grabs the attention of most dogs further down in the description is an explanation of ways in which it can be used.
Metal, plastic, polyester     
Magnet prevents unwanted sounds (IE no rattling when the tin is attached) 
Easy and quick to use      
With reflective stripe
With clip to attach to a belt
Removable cover, hand wash
Incl. booklet with tips and tricks for optimal training
Measurements: 22 cm
Colour: red/grey

Using the Rattling Tin 
The sound of the rattling tin is clearly distinct from the usual sounds that your dog hears every day. The magnet prevents unwanted sounds when you are walking or otherwise moving, the tin is easy to release. The way it is attached means it can be handled and used quickly too. 
At first, acquaint your dog with the unfamiliar sound. Do not immediately attempt to treat a behavioral problem with the rattling tin.
It will take a while for your dog to realize that you use the ratting tin only if he does something that you do not want him to do. The sound helps to direct the dog's attention to the handler, who wants to train a different behavior and will reward the dog for it. 
Try to solve one problem at a time using the rattling tin. Also include a word like "no" when you use the rattling tin to disrupt certain behaviour. That makes it clear to your dog that you do want that behaviour, e.g. if your dog takes food without permission. 

Please note if you have several dogs, use the rattling tin individually for each dog and only train with one dog at a time. 

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